Does It Have To Be All Or Nothing?

Cynthia Banks
Okay, so why do we think it has to be either all or nothing and no in between.   We see our lives as being one way or another with no wiggle room.   I say this because I think it has affected my way of thinking about my own life.   I have learned to think differently.

There is quite a bit of territory that falls within the “gray” realm.  This is where your choice sits.  Instead of thinking that I either must do it this way or that way, I have learned to think about the choices that fall somewhere along the continuum.   Instead of having only two options, I have several options that lie somewhere in between the “all” or the “nothing”.

Why is this significant?  It is significant because it gives you options that you may have not considered.   Maybe you didn’t prepare yourself to do the work you wanted to do.  You did not get the diploma, the license, the certificate, or the degree that you needed and now you think that the ship has sailed.   The ship has only sailed if you think it has sailed.  You can choose to see it as still possible and begin to think about what it would take to get back on the path and still make it happen.I am not telling you that this will be easy. 

I am also not telling you that everyone will think that this is a wonderful idea and you will be overwhelmed with support.  Most likely this will not be the case.

What I am telling you is that your mindset is at least 90% of your ability to make this a reality.  When you believe it’s possible and commit to doing it, you will begin to think through the steps you need to take to make it a reality.   Some of the things you are doing now will have to change and you will have to start doing some things you were not doing before. 

Do not expect to be comfortable or feel brave…. you probably will feel extremely uncomfortable and downright scared.  This means that you are getting out of your comfort zone and moving into your new reality.  I know this because I am a work in progress.  I am talking to you and telling you that I had to determine that my life’s vocation is coaching and helping others to discover their vocation and to walk in it is my passion. 

I don’t have answers for you…. you have answers for yourself, but I will help you to discern them.   I believe that you have a world of potential in you.  Let us work together on your journey in getting there.
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