Cynthia Banks
Are you significant?

The Oxford Dictionary defines significance as “the quality of being worthy of attention; importance”.  Are you worthy of attention?  Are you important? 

So many of our life aspirations hinge upon our desire for significance.  We want to prove to the world that we are important, that we have value and that we are worthy of attention.  We pursue titles, material things, beauty, wealth, and fame in our desire for significance.  Yet, none of these things in and of themselves can give us authentic significance.

Several years ago, I had a very skeptical co-worker interrogate me about my background and credentials because she had determined that I couldn’t possibly be qualified for the position I held.  I patiently answered all her questions and gave her way more information than she deserved to know about my professional background.   I even added an extra tidbit.

This tidbit was that none of these things made me significant.  My significance comes from the fact that Jesus Christ died and rose for me and that He created me to accomplish His plan and purpose.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made to do my assigned work with excellence and joy!   This is true for you as well!

So, I ask you again.  Are you significant?  Are you worthy of attention?  Are you important?

The answer is yes!  You are significant.  You don’t have to prove this to other people for it to be true.  You only need to believe it yourself and live life in a way that honors God and your gift of significance.
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